Sports Field Wire Fences

Sports Field Wire Fences

Sports Field Wire Fences - AstroTurf Fields
Sports Field Wire Fences - AstroTurf Fields
- 89x3 vertical pipes (carrier system) with a height of 3 m are mounted on the plates placed inside the perimeter beam, to the handlebars on the plate. Then, the trusses made with 76x3 pipes are mounted with plates on the pipes, which are the carrier system.
- Truss pipes will be 76x3 thick, cross connection pipes inside the truss will be 38x2.5 thick.
- The carrier system pipe dimensions will be 89x3 and the internal cross connection pipe will be 42x3. The dimensions of the purlin pipes, which will be laid on the trusses at equal intervals of 60 cm, are 38x3. The length of the ventilation to be made on the field is 25 meters and the pipe size to be used is 38x3.

b) Diagonal reinforcement will be made to the vertical goal-behind pipes on both sides. 79x3 thick vertical reinforcement pipes will be welded at appropriate intervals for the vertical pipes on the four sides of the field.

c) In order to strengthen the field construction, 38x3 cross pipes in the shape of an "X" will be welded to the trusses at the beginning, in the middle, at the end and behind the goal.
d) 1 hinged door will be built on the site.

e) After all the iron fabrication is completed, it will be painted in the desired color with 2 layers of oil paint, 1 layer of primer.

f) The area will be covered with a 3 m high, 5x5 cm mesh, 3.6 mm wall thickness, dip galvanized and PVC coated wire mesh.

g) After the connection is made by tensioning the wire mesh, 3 rows of 4 m thick steel rope will be tensioned on the long sides of the field and 4 rows of 4 m thick steel rope behind the goal. The tensioned steel ropes will be connected with terminal blocks.

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